Life at the dew point

Film title: Play Misty for Me, Harder, Faster

There’s a kind of a pattern among this subset of the Flickr Interesting images the last couple of days.


The dark side

Alternate movie title: The Moon is New



The thing that seems to be missing from the advertising blitz for the film coming out this week is a depiction of the celestial body of the title, which as all skywatchers know would be one off of which the sun’s rays fail to reflect. This is the closest I could find.

I am looking forward to analogous images for Eclipse and especially Breaking Dawn.



In two decades we’ll know what they’ve done

Educational video line: Baby Eisenstein

The Disney company has had to eat some considerable amount of crow with regard to the Baby Einstein product line they acquired a while back, which seems not to do what it was touted as doing. All this infant video watching might have some other effect however, perhaps inspiring some to craft tightly-written family dramas, others to spectacular documentaries, and still others to agonizing historical montages we can only dream of now. Or they could grow to like CGI the way I have not.